Sessions / Forum

Performance in Education SIG Forum #2314

Sat, Nov 13, 10:45-12:15 Asia/Tokyo | LOCATION: Room 26

The performance in education (PIE) SIG forum will feature a series of mini presentations and performances with a number of PIE practitioners who are enthusiastic about bringing performative elements into their language classrooms. The forum will focus on the reflections of performance assisted learning (PAL) activities that were carried out during the pandemic and new perspectives towards the next academic year. The presenters are looking forward to seeing you in this informative and entertaining forum!

Learner Development SIG Identities #2327

Sat, Nov 13, 10:45-12:15 Asia/Tokyo | LOCATION: Room 23

In this LD SIG forum, presenters will look at who the LD SIG is as a special interest group. What does learner development mean to SIG members? What experiences have members valued? What research have members embarked on? Where is the SIG going? How is the LD SIG interpretation of learner development evolving? The forum will feature timed rounds of interactive narratives highlighting themes such as self-regulation, autonomy, learner identities, and lifelong learning.

Technology in Action: Student Filmmaking #2357

Sat, Nov 13, 10:45-12:15 Asia/Tokyo | LOCATION: Room 08

In this session, I will briefly report on a school filmmaking project I organised. This showcase session will show attendees just how creative and video savvy our students can be if given the chance to freely express their talents using these skills and talents. At the end (time permitting) we will open the floor for further comments and discussion. Links to guides for how attendees can mirror this approach will also be provided.

JALT CT SIG Forum and Annual General Meeting #2389

Sat, Nov 13, 10:45-12:15 Asia/Tokyo | LOCATION: Room 24

This year’s CT SIG forum will focus on curriculum design for both small scale (in the classroom) and large scale (university-wide) which integrate critical thinking into English learning. The presenter will share prints and ideas on how you can help your students think more critically in English. Join us for an informative presentation followed by the JALT CT SIG AGM promptly afterward.

Intercultural Communication and Technology in Language Education #2328

Sat, Nov 13, 12:05-13:35 Asia/Tokyo | LOCATION: Room 25

The theme of the ICLE SIG forum at JALT 2021 is intercultural communication and technology in language education. We look forward to learning how teachers incorporate technology to develop and facilitate intercultural understanding in language teaching. Presenters will share case studies, action research, or practices that focus on developing intercultural understanding using various kinds of technology in language classrooms.

CALL SIG Forum #2415

Sat, Nov 13, 12:05-13:35 Asia/Tokyo | LOCATION: Room 22

The 2022 JALT CALL SIG forum will feature 3 different speakers on the topics of Games and Play, which will be the theme of the 2022 JALTCALL conference.

The Business Side of Independent Writing and Publishing #2351

Sat, Nov 13, 12:45-14:15 Asia/Tokyo | LOCATION: Room 23

The Materials Writers SIG will host a panel discussion featuring educators who have made the shift into the self-publishing business. The writers have produced numerous textbooks, readers, and manga. The discussion will cover a wide range of topics including: creative benefits, financial risks, logistical challenges, ISBN, printing costs, digital media, marketing, distribution and sales. The panelists will share their self-publication stories. There will be an open Q&A session.

Domestic Affairs Committee Forum #2417

Sat, Nov 13, 12:45-14:15 Asia/Tokyo | LOCATION: Room 28

The Domestic Affairs Committee would like to invite all JALT members to our forum to learn about our Domestic Partners (JACET, JASAL) and how they, as academic organizations, have adapted to the “new normal” and how they plan to meet the future needs of their members. The meeting will include time to network and a Q&A with Domestic Partner representatives about how their organizations can, and would like to, work with JALT and its members.

Looking Back, Thinking Forward: Literature in Language Teaching #2287

Sat, Nov 13, 13:25-14:55 Asia/Tokyo | LOCATION: Room 26

This forum includes presentations on the use of literature and creative writing in the classroom. The presenters will reflect on the benefits literature had for students and teachers during the 2020 academic year, and they will discuss new and innovative practices for reading and sharing stories across borders. Audience members will be invited to discuss these ideas and ask questions. Please join for a lively exchange of ideas.

The Emics of Non-Native Speakers #2042

Sat, Nov 13, 13:25-14:55 Asia/Tokyo | LOCATION: Room 13

Whose English is it anyway? This is the insider view of the collective experiences of so-called non-native speakers teaching in Japan. They will explore issues of gender, institutional requirements, ageism, student-parent-and teacher attitudes, and appearance. Panelists include a junior high school teacher, a senior high school teacher, a university instructor, a teacher trainer, and a teacher-researcher who works specifically on this topic. This forum aims to raise awareness and encourage more voices from within.

Augmenting Equity in ELT: A Way Forward #2069

Sat, Nov 13, 14:45-15:45 Asia/Tokyo | LOCATION: Room 16

In January 2021, Equity in ELT Japan organized a three day forum on professional development where educators from all contexts and backgrounds came together to shed light on inequity within the industry and discuss how to make positive change. In this roundtable, the organizing committee will discuss their motivations for participating in its inception, share insights about issues that arose and discuss how a commitment to transparency contributed to the success of the event.

JSL SIG Forum #2394

Sat, Nov 13, 15:25-16:25 Asia/Tokyo | LOCATION: Room 26

In this forum, two of the JSL SIG members will speak about the ongoing issues surrounding the radical decrement in the number of foreign or exchange students to their institutions and Japan at large. They will also share the ways in which their Japanese programs have given the flexibility to classroom management and curriculum development. This forum ends with an invitation to an open discussion with the audience.

Cultivating Autonomous Learning With a Language Learning Strategy Database #2206

Sat, Nov 13, 15:25-16:25 Asia/Tokyo | LOCATION: Room 18

This panel will overview the evolution of integrating independent learning into a Japanese university’s English program. As language classes moved online in 2020, our research team identified the need to provide students with accessible and practical language learning strategies (LLS) to supplement their personalized self-study. Thus, an online LLS database was developed. Student and teacher feedback will be discussed, revealing insights into how an LLS database can be used to support students’ autonomous learning.

International Forum: Reflections and New Perspectives From Asian Contexts #2386

Sat, Nov 13, 18:00-19:00 Asia/Tokyo | LOCATION: Room 05

The International Forum offers an excellent opportunity to learn from panelists who represent JALT’s international partner organizations in Asia. The panelists will share their educational experiences and diverse perspectives in relation to this year’s conference theme: Reflections and New Perspectives. This forum provides participants with the chance to interact and exchange ideas with experts from a wide range of educational contexts from different countries.

Serendipities in Self-Access Learning: Positives From the Pandemic #2318

Sat, Nov 13, 18:00-19:30 Asia/Tokyo | LOCATION: Room 06

The COVID-19 pandemic has been problematic for self-access and social language learning spaces where community, interaction, and proximity are central to our mission. Moves to remote or hybrid learning and the need for social distancing have forced us to rethink our practices. This forum explores how these initiatives have led to greater choice for learners and even some surprising benefits. There will be two mini-presentations, followed by discussion time.

CUE Professional Development Forum #2361

Sat, Nov 13, 18:00-19:30 Asia/Tokyo | LOCATION: Room 24

Being a Successful Academic Reader: How to Systematize Your Reading Practices, by presenters John Campbell-Larsen and Cameron Romney. This workshop will show methods the presenters have developed to meet the challenges of academic reading, and will invite participants to reflect on their own reading. Getting the Upper (APA) Hand: A W5 Workshop on Proofreading, by presenter: Greg Rouault. Proofreading is important for authors and researchers and vastly different than correcting students’ writing.

A CEFR-Informed Action Research Model: Reflecting on the AR Cycle #2308

Sun, Nov 14, 10:45-12:15 Asia/Tokyo | LOCATION: Room 25

This Forum will present an ongoing collaborative kaken research project entitled Language Education reform using action research: Putting the CEFR’s educational principles into practice. Project participants will reflect on the research plans they implemented using a CEFR-informed action research model (CARM) developed by the SIG, and on the first and second year workshops, before discussing the strengths and weaknesses of the CARM model and the goals for the third year of the kaken project.

Reflections and New Perspectives on Gender Awareness #2324

Sun, Nov 14, 10:45-12:15 Asia/Tokyo | LOCATION: Room 27

This is the Forum of the gender awareness in language education SIG. Speakers represent a wide range of research and perspectives on gender awareness in language education within the SIG and the organization of JALT as a whole. Presenters will engage in discussion of the importance of gender issues within the language teaching profession.

GILE SIG Forum #2335

Sun, Nov 14, 10:45-12:15 Asia/Tokyo | LOCATION: Room 26

For the 15th successive year, the global issues SIG forum will be an idea-sharing session open to all interested people. This well-received session linked to global issues and international understanding will feature classroom teachers’ mini-reports and innovative ideas on teaching activities, materials writing, and curriculum design. Handouts, lesson plans, and teaching resources will be available to peruse and take home. Come join this unique session! Learn the latest teaching approaches and share your own ideas.

Getting Your Research Funded Through JALT #2353

Sun, Nov 14, 10:45-12:15 Asia/Tokyo | LOCATION: Room 22

In this forum, participants will learn about the JALT Research Grants and other grant opportunities available through JALT. Presenters will describe the goals, requirements, and schedules of the JALT Research Grants, which are limited to JALT members who have no other outside research funding. Information will be provided about other grants from JALT SIGs and chapters. Participants will be able to ask questions, discuss requirements, share individual research ideas, and receive guidance about application procedures.

French Forum: Les hauts et les bas de l’enseignement en ligne #2076

Sun, Nov 14, 12:45-14:15 Asia/Tokyo | LOCATION: Room 15

Il y aura quatre présentations cette année: 1) Les défis et changements intervenus dans l’enseignement en ligne au cours de l’année écoulée dans un établissement universitaire; 2) Repenser la classe de français en présentiel avec l’expérience de l’enseignement en ligne; 3) Compte-rendu d’une expérience de simulation globale en ligne dans un dispositif combinant oral synchrone et écrit asynchrone; 4) Organiser et évaluer les classes de français en ligne: défis et pistes de réflexions.

Reflective Dialogue to Promote Professional Well-Being #2376

Sun, Nov 14, 12:45-14:15 Asia/Tokyo | LOCATION: Room 05

The JALT Mentoring & Orientation Committee will hold one-on-one sessions for JALT members registered for JALT International 2021. The 90-minute workshop focuses on enhancing the participants’ professional well-being through the approach of reflective dialogue. The participants will receive a pre-workshop introduction on how to conduct reflective dialogue by watching an introduction video and will be paired up with a partner in the workshop to practice reflective dialogue by having an actual session online.

Interaction in Multiple Contexts: What Can Be Learned From Research #2288

Sun, Nov 14, 13:25-14:55 Asia/Tokyo | LOCATION: Room 24

Translanguaging, multimodal resources, and interactional competence are fundamental to communication in an educational context. This forum will present three different research approaches which investigated social interaction in different contexts: (a) in a mathematics-based CLIL classroom, (b) an undergraduate geoscience poster presentation, and (c) with multilingual speakers in conversation tasks in a university classroom. Participants will not only learn about the research findings, but more importantly, will learn how to apply them to upgrade their teaching.

New Perspectives of Study Abroad #2322

Sun, Nov 14, 14:45-16:15 Asia/Tokyo | LOCATION: Room 23

In this SA SIG Forum, presenters will share new perspectives they are practicing, which includes dealing with the ongoing pandemic. Stephen M. Ryan will offer a perspective on the encounter with difference from a brain science. Saul Takahashi and Richard Miller will share a potential model of web based international programmes. Masaki Seo will share the possibilities of challenges of e-tandem learning project. More detailed abstracts of each presentation can be found at SA SIG website (  

On to New Perspectives From the German Workshop – Focus on Emotions #2207

Sun, Nov 14, 14:45-16:15 Asia/Tokyo | LOCATION: Room 15

Im ersten Beitrag vergleicht Harting die Meinungen von Lernern zum Einsatz von Video on demand und Zoom-Online Unterricht. Im zweiten Beitrag zeigt Gunske von Kölln, wie schon Lernende im A1 Unterricht die Perspektive älterer Personen kennenlernen können und präsentiert eine Studentenumfrage dazu. Abschließend stellt Vögel Wendungen für Themenwechsel und Gefühle vor, die Lernende (A1/A2-Niveau) beim Schreiben von Dialogen gesucht hatten. (Vorträge auf Deutsch)

Attracting ALTs for Organizational Diversity and Sustainability #2006

Sun, Nov 14, 14:45-16:15 Asia/Tokyo | LOCATION: Room 20

Although there are many ALTs in Japan, they are not well-represented within JALT’s membership. JALT and similar organizations can benefit from the diversity and flexibility that ALTs could bring, while ALTs can benefit from the professional development opportunities offered by such organizations. This panel discussion features current and former ALTs who will discuss what drew them to such organizations, how ALTs have contributed, and what organizations can do to recruit ALTs.

Youth Leadership Program: A Community-Based English Public Speaking Program #1977

Pre-recorded Video
Sun, Nov 14, 18:00-19:30 Asia/Tokyo | LOCATION: Room 08

For students who use English as a second language, the “speaking” skill is usually placed after reading, writing, and listening. This is not due to the priorities in actual life communication needs, but largely due to the exam-driven educational systems in Asia. In this forum, we will introduce an 8-week long Youth Leadership Program which prepares children and teenagers to speak English in public through various leadership role designs.

International Virtual Exchange Courses and Their Evaluation #2316

Mon, Nov 15, 10:45-12:15 Asia/Tokyo | LOCATION: Room 04

This presentation addresses universities’ responses to challenges of study-abroad programs cancelled by COVID-19. Presenter A explains the evaluation role for international virtual exchange courses under the next Monkasho six-year, medium-term plan. Presenter B introduces a five-week virtual mobility tour involving five universities in Southeast Asia. Presenter C reveals how one university created intercultural interaction with virtual tours, in-campus global programs, and digital exchanges. Presenter D explores the role of plurilingual competence related to international exchanges.

New Contexts in Language Education: The Challenges for Theory and Practice #2098

Pre-recorded Video
Mon, Nov 15, 12:45-14:15 Asia/Tokyo | LOCATION: Room 04

Educadores de Español como Lengua Extranjera analizarán temas relativos al aprendizaje de lenguas. Roque: Narración y desarrollo de habilidades comunicativas; Budding: Actividades motivadoras para la producción oral en clases híbridas; Silva: Clases híbridas en el marco de la Teoría de la Actividad, reportan sus investigaciones sobre el aprendizaje de español con una contextualización lingüística y comunicativa. Educadores y estudiantes de otros idiomas son bienvenidos.

Panel Discussion and Closing Ceremony #2489

Mon, Nov 15, 16:00-17:00 Asia/Tokyo | LOCATION: Room 01

The end of the show, and we will welcome some of our plenary, featured, and invited guest speakers to offer some final words and reflections on the conference. Audience participants will be encouraged to ask questions and offer insights of their own. After the panel discussion we will hear about what is to come for JALT2022!