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TEVAL SIG Annual General Meeting #2350

Sat, Nov 13, 10:45-11:30 Asia/Tokyo | LOCATION: Room 25

This is the meeting for the Testing and Evaluation Special Interest Group. All members and non-members are welcome to join. We will discuss recent work of the TEVAL SIG and plans for the upcoming year. If you have interest in testing and assessment in Japan and beyond, please join us.

Intercultural Communication and Technology in Language Education #2328

Sat, Nov 13, 12:05-13:35 Asia/Tokyo | LOCATION: Room 25

The theme of the ICLE SIG forum at JALT 2021 is intercultural communication and technology in language education. We look forward to learning how teachers incorporate technology to develop and facilitate intercultural understanding in language teaching. Presenters will share case studies, action research, or practices that focus on developing intercultural understanding using various kinds of technology in language classrooms.

ICLE SIG Annual General Meeting #2329

Sat, Nov 13, 14:05-14:50 Asia/Tokyo | LOCATION: Room 25

This is the intercultural communication in language education (ICLE) SIG annual general meeting. If you want to know more about ICLE as a SIG, and what the SIG has been up to, please drop by. The ICLE SIG is always looking for more motivated people to join the team.

Literature in Language Teaching SIG Annual General Meeting #2399

Sat, Nov 13, 15:25-16:10 Asia/Tokyo | LOCATION: Room 25

This will be a general meeting of SIG officers and members.

JALT Environmental Committee Meeting #2385

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Sat, Nov 13, 18:00-19:00 Asia/Tokyo | LOCATION: Room 25

This is a meeting for the JALT Environmental Committee. Please join us to learn about what JALT is doing for the environment, share your ideas, and consider getting involved in "greening" JALT.

A CEFR-Informed Action Research Model: Reflecting on the AR Cycle #2308

Sun, Nov 14, 10:45-12:15 Asia/Tokyo | LOCATION: Room 25

This Forum will present an ongoing collaborative kaken research project entitled Language Education reform using action research: Putting the CEFR’s educational principles into practice. Project participants will reflect on the research plans they implemented using a CEFR-informed action research model (CARM) developed by the SIG, and on the first and second year workshops, before discussing the strengths and weaknesses of the CARM model and the goals for the third year of the kaken project.

CEFR & LP SIG Annual General Meeting #2307

Sun, Nov 14, 12:45-13:30 Asia/Tokyo | LOCATION: Room 25

The CEFR & LP SIG Annual General Meeting will give a report on the SIGs activities in 2021 and discuss the plans for 2022. All current and future members are kindly invited.

Reflections on the Past, Projections of the Future #2381

Sun, Nov 14, 14:45-16:15 Asia/Tokyo | LOCATION: Room 25

In the slightly more than half a century of TESOL’s existence there have been a cascade of methods and innovations that teachers have been challenged by. The move to an online pedagogy due to the pandemic accelerated trends while forcing all of us to reevaluate fundamentals. In this forum, prompts (both visual and textual) will be provided to elicit discussion on where we’ve been on our journey as language teachers and where we’re headed.