Japanese and Other Language Teaching & Learning College & University Education Forum

International Virtual Exchange Courses and Their Evaluation

Mon, Nov 15, 10:45-12:15 Asia/Tokyo

Location: Room 04

This presentation addresses universities’ responses to challenges of study-abroad programs cancelled by COVID-19. Presenter A explains the evaluation role for international virtual exchange courses under the next Monkasho six-year, medium-term plan. Presenter B introduces a five-week virtual mobility tour involving five universities in Southeast Asia. Presenter C reveals how one university created intercultural interaction with virtual tours, in-campus global programs, and digital exchanges. Presenter D explores the role of plurilingual competence related to international exchanges.

  • Gabriela Schmidt

    Teaching German as a Foreign Language, interested in the CEFR, CEFR/CV, Language Portfolio and its use in Japan and beyond, applied linguistics, pragmatics, intercultural communication, plurilingualism, language and culture.

  • Cecilia Silva

    En la Universidad de Tohoku ofrecemos a los estudiantes una visión del español con tres elementos fundamentales: comunicación (clases regulares), comprensión intercultural (experiencias de inmersión en Madrid, en la Universidad Complutense) y evaluación formal del nivel (examen DELE). I am interested in intercultural communication and literature, I am now trying to find a model of analysis of intercultural aspects in literary texts.

  • Eric Fortin

    Eric Fortin is currently a professor at St. Mary's College, where he has been teaching for over 20 years. His interest include third language learning and beyond, complex systems theory in language education, and learner autonomy.