Chiaki Lawler

Endeavour English Education


Australian Government accredited Trainer and Assessor (TAE), Pre and in-service teacher trainer. Special interest area: World Englishes, native speakerism, bilingualism and cross-cultural issues. M.A. TESOL, Grad. Cert. TESOL, B.Min,TAE, Cert IV TESOL, N.A.A.T.I


Sociopolitical Issues in Language Instruction The Emics of Non-Native Speakers more

Sat, Nov 13, 13:25-14:55 Asia/Tokyo

Whose English is it anyway? This is the insider view of the collective experiences of so-called non-native speakers teaching in Japan. They will explore issues of gender, institutional requirements, ageism, student-parent-and teacher attitudes, and appearance. Panelists include a junior high school teacher, a senior high school teacher, a university instructor, a teacher trainer, and a teacher-researcher who works specifically on this topic. This forum aims to raise awareness and encourage more voices from within.

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