Teacher and Professional Development College & University Education Forum

CUE Professional Development Forum

Sat, Nov 13, 18:00-19:30 Asia/Tokyo

Location: Room 24

Being a Successful Academic Reader: How to Systematize Your Reading Practices, by presenters John Campbell-Larsen and Cameron Romney. This workshop will show methods the presenters have developed to meet the challenges of academic reading, and will invite participants to reflect on their own reading. Getting the Upper (APA) Hand: A W5 Workshop on Proofreading, by presenter: Greg Rouault. Proofreading is important for authors and researchers and vastly different than correcting students’ writing.

  • Stan Pederson

    Stan Pederson works in the Faculty of Education at Kumamoto University. He is the current coordinator of the College and University Educators SIG.

  • Cameron

    Currently an Associate Professor (by special appointment -- non tenured) at Ryutsu Kagaku University (University of Marketing and Distribution Sciences) in Kobe.

  • Gregory (Greg) Rouault

    Greg Rouault studied Applied Linguistics at Macquarie University. With Stuart McLean, he co-authored a 2017 paper in System on reading fluency development featured by Nation and Waring (2020) as one of “the most important studies on extensive reading in a foreign language.” Other publications have appeared in The Reading Matrix, The Language Teacher, and ERJ (Extensive Reading in Japan). His research interests include ER; mind, brain, & education science; and task-based simulations for business English.

  • John Campbell-Larsen

    John is professor in the department of English Studies, Kyoto Women's University. His reserach interests include pragmatics, conversation analysis, cognitive linguistics and cross cultural communication. He has presented widely at conferences in Asia, North America and Europe and has published numerous papers and book chapters on ELT, cognitive linguistics, pragmatics and interaction.