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Dr Willy A Renandya is a language teacher educator with extensive teaching experience in Asia. He currently teaches language education courses at the National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University. He maintains an ELT website: Willy's ELT Corner that contains a lot of free resources for ELT professionals and researchers - https://www.willyrenandya.com


Language Classroom Content & Pedagogy Can Reading Lead to Better Writing? - JALT2021 Bill Balsamo Asian Scholar Presentation more

Sat, Nov 13, 12:45-13:45 Asia/Tokyo

ELT experts believe that reading can help improve student writing. However, experience tells us that this is not always the case. Many L2 readers continue to find writing challenging. In my talk, I offer practical tips on what language teachers can do to help good L2 readers become more proficient L2 writers. Willy Renandya is the JALT2021 Bill Balsamo Asian Scholar: In 1988, JALT started an Asian Scholar Program through which teachers from other Asian countries are hosted in Japan, meet with teachers here, and give presentations at the annual international conference as well as at local chapters all over Japan on the Four Corners Tour program. In 2008 the program was renamed the Balsamo Asian Scholar Program in honor of Bill Balsamo, president of the Himeji Chapter and founder of the Teachers Helping Teachers SIG. Over the years, teachers from many countries have visited Japan on this program.

Willy Renandya

Non-Teaching Area Panel Discussion and Closing Ceremony more

Mon, Nov 15, 16:00-17:00 Asia/Tokyo

The end of the show, and we will welcome some of our plenary, featured, and invited guest speakers to offer some final words and reflections on the conference. Audience participants will be encouraged to ask questions and offer insights of their own. After the panel discussion we will hear about what is to come for JALT2022!

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