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Technology Facilitating Engagement and Interactivity With a Virtual Lesson Platform more

Fri, Nov 12, 18:45-19:30 Asia/Tokyo

Research has shown that Nearpod promotes active learning through its ability to facilitate collaborative participation between students, teachers, and lesson content (Amasha et al., 2018, Hakami, 2020). My workshop will showcase how Nearpod can be used for effective discussions, reading activities, vocabulary activities, student-paced assignments, informing future instruction through its post-class reports feature, and more. Teachers will receive opportunities to test the functions as well. Finally, I will share the results of a quantitative survey of student self-reported perceptions of Nearpod, which indicated that students felt an overall positive effect on their motivation and interaction in their English classes.

Ben Rentler

Language Skills Boosting Accurate Vocabulary Production: A Japanese University Case Study more

Sat, Nov 13, 14:05-14:30 Asia/Tokyo

This presentation will introduce an action research project designed to improve students’ productive vocabulary accuracy conducted with intermediate-level Japanese university students. We implemented two weeks of receptive and productive vocabulary interventions for one textbook unit. Through carrying out quantitative surveys, semi-structured interviews, and speaking test transcriptions, the results of this project indicated a marked improvement in student productive vocabulary accuracy.

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Learner Development Cultivating Autonomous Learning With a Language Learning Strategy Database more

Sat, Nov 13, 15:25-16:25 Asia/Tokyo

This panel will overview the evolution of integrating independent learning into a Japanese university’s English program. As language classes moved online in 2020, our research team identified the need to provide students with accessible and practical language learning strategies (LLS) to supplement their personalized self-study. Thus, an online LLS database was developed. Student and teacher feedback will be discussed, revealing insights into how an LLS database can be used to support students’ autonomous learning.

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