Alessandro Grimaldi

Reitaku University, University of Birmingham


Alessandro is a Lecturer and English Writing Center coordinator for Reitaku University's Center for communication. He received his MS in Organizational Psychology from the University of Liverpool and is currently doing an MA in Applied Linguistics with the University of Birmingham. His research focuses on evidence-based frameworks and intervention methods for facilitating learners' self-regulation, as well as factors surrounding educator work engagement and well-being.


Teacher and Professional Development Staying Committed: Foreign Faculty in Japanese Universities more

Sun, Nov 14, 10:45-11:10 Asia/Tokyo

This presentation investigates the relationship foreign faculty in Japan have with their university through the lens of organizational psychology. The study highlights why educators’ commitment to their university is increasingly important, the positive outcomes that result from greater faculty commitment, and what department administrators and other leaders should consider in order to improve the relationships faculty have with their institutions.

Alessandro Grimaldi

Non-Teaching Area Reflective Dialogue to Promote Professional Well-Being more

Sun, Nov 14, 12:45-14:15 Asia/Tokyo

The JALT Mentoring & Orientation Committee will hold one-on-one sessions for JALT members registered for JALT International 2021. The 90-minute workshop focuses on enhancing the participants’ professional well-being through the approach of reflective dialogue. The participants will receive a pre-workshop introduction on how to conduct reflective dialogue by watching an introduction video and will be paired up with a partner in the workshop to practice reflective dialogue by having an actual session online.

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