Gabriela Schmidt

Nihon University CHS


Teaching German as a Foreign Language, interested in the CEFR, CEFR/CV, Language Portfolio and its use in Japan and beyond, applied linguistics, pragmatics, intercultural communication, plurilingualism, language and culture.


Non-Teaching Area OLE SIG Annual General Meeting more

Sat, Nov 13, 12:45-13:30 Asia/Tokyo

This is the annual general meeting of the Other Language Educators SIG.

Bertlinde Voegel Gabriela Schmidt Andreas Kasjan Eric Fortin Monika Szirmai

Japanese and Other Language Teaching & Learning CEFR & LP SIG Annual General Meeting more

Sun, Nov 14, 12:45-13:30 Asia/Tokyo

The CEFR & LP SIG Annual General Meeting will give a report on the SIGs activities in 2021 and discuss the plans for 2022. All current and future members are kindly invited.

Gabriela Schmidt Gregory Birch Jack Naoyuki NAGANUMA

Japanese and Other Language Teaching & Learning A CEFR-Informed Action Research Model: Reflecting on the AR Cycle more

Sun, Nov 14, 10:45-12:15 Asia/Tokyo

This Forum will present an ongoing collaborative kaken research project entitled Language Education reform using action research: Putting the CEFR’s educational principles into practice. Project participants will reflect on the research plans they implemented using a CEFR-informed action research model (CARM) developed by the SIG, and on the first and second year workshops, before discussing the strengths and weaknesses of the CARM model and the goals for the third year of the kaken project.

Gabriela Schmidt Mr. Engel L.P. Villareal Gregory Birch Jack Noriko Nagai Naoyuki NAGANUMA

Japanese and Other Language Teaching & Learning International Virtual Exchange Courses and Their Evaluation more

Mon, Nov 15, 10:45-12:15 Asia/Tokyo

This presentation addresses universities’ responses to challenges of study-abroad programs cancelled by COVID-19. Presenter A explains the evaluation role for international virtual exchange courses under the next Monkasho six-year, medium-term plan. Presenter B introduces a five-week virtual mobility tour involving five universities in Southeast Asia. Presenter C reveals how one university created intercultural interaction with virtual tours, in-campus global programs, and digital exchanges. Presenter D explores the role of plurilingual competence related to international exchanges.

Margit Gabriela Schmidt Cecilia Silva Eric Fortin