Taron Plaza

Komazawa Women's University


Taron teaches courses in English communication, cultural studies and second language acquisition. His research interests include intercultural communication, digital spaces and transformative learning.


Teacher and Professional Development Reflections on the Past, Projections of the Future more

Sun, Nov 14, 14:45-16:15 Asia/Tokyo

In the slightly more than half a century of TESOL’s existence there have been a cascade of methods and innovations that teachers have been challenged by. The move to an online pedagogy due to the pandemic accelerated trends while forcing all of us to reevaluate fundamentals. In this forum, prompts (both visual and textual) will be provided to elicit discussion on where we’ve been on our journey as language teachers and where we’re headed.

Andrew Reimann Joseph Dias Kathleen Yamane Timothy Gutierrez Taron Plaza