The JALT ER SIG exists to help promote Extensive Reading (ER) in Japan and via our website, our newsletter, the ERJ Journal, and presentations throughout Japan we aim to help teachers set up and make the most of their ER programmes. 全国語学教育学会多読分野別研究部会「JALT ER SIG」は、講師達がERプログラムをスムーズに始められるよう、またそれを有効的に利用できることを目的に活動しています。またこの概念を元に、私達のウエブサイト、会報、ERJ雑誌、プレゼンテーションなどを通じERの促進を促しています。

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Extensive Reading in Japan (ERJ) - the Journal of the JALT Extensive Reading SIG - is a biannual subscription based journal mostly aimed at our members in Japan. As our original JALT publication, the ERJ exists to help promote Extensive Reading (ER) in Japan and aims to serve the members of the ER SIG.

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The Journal of Extensive Reading (JER) is a peer-reviewed online journal of research on extensive reading run by the Japan Association of Language Teaching (JALT) Extensive Reading Special Interest Group. The journal supplements what is already offered in the journal Extensive Reading in Japan (ERJ) by focusing on the publication of high-quality empirical research on ER.  

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