Language Skills College & University Education Practice-Oriented Long Workshop

Writing Graduation Theses and Other Research Papers

Sun, Nov 14, 13:25-14:25 Asia/Tokyo

Location: Room 02

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Tackling a graduation thesis in English is a huge challenge for undergraduate students in Japan. It is easy for seminar students, for example, to feel overwhelmed. Emphasizing surveys and interviews as means of collecting data can get the research process started and help students understand the goal of creating knowledge. This presentation will cover materials appropriate for students who will benefit from consideration of writing their research in English.

  • John Spiri

    John worked at various universities after arriving in Japan in 1997 and presently is associate professor in the Education Department at Gifu Shotoku Gakuen University.

Brief Intro to this Session

In this session I will talk about the following over the course of 45 minutes or so, leaving the final 15 minutes for comments and questions. (1) Reflections on graduation theses, (2) Approaches to Zemi classes in Japan, (3) Discussion of survey results regarding writing graduation theses and research papers, (4) Approaches to teaching research writing, (5) A brief introduction to "Responding to Readings 3: Writing Research Papers and Graduation Theses," (6) Time for comments and questions.