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Board of Directors Meet and Greet

Sat, Nov 13, 12:05-13:05 Asia/Tokyo

Location: Room 05

What does the board of directors (BoD) do? Who is on the 2021-2022 BoD? How does a member become a director? This informal interactive session will be attended by the current board of directors who will briefly introduce themselves and what they do. The floor will then be open for questions and discussion about the BoD, its members, and their work. Come ready to interact and converse!

  • Dawn Lucovich (ルコヴィッチ ドーン)

    Assistant Professor at The University of Nagano & President of JALT. Hosts JALT ZPD (Zoom for Professional Development), a free and informal monthly networking event for current and prospective JALT members: bit.ly/ZPDRSVP. Research interests: vocabulary, discourse communities, imagined communities, self-access language tables, linguistic landscapes, leadership development.

  • Wayne Malcolm

    Hello, I hope you have found my profile easily enough. My name is Wayne Malcolm, and I have been the JALT Director of Program since 2019. In this capacity I oversee the organizing of the main annual international conference and educational materials exhibition. Along with leading the conference team, I am also a member of the JALT Board of Directors. I from the United States where I lived in New York State. I have a Bachelor of Arts in political science from Syracuse University; a Masters of Management - International, from the University of Phoenix School of Advanced Studies; and a Doctorate of Education specializing in leadership as it pertains to curriculum and instruction. My dissertation study was about gauging the value businesses find in students who participated in university study abroad programs. I also wanted to know about how the students who studied abroad understood the concept "global competency*. My current research revolves around these topics.

  • Bill Pellowe

    Bill Pellowe is JALT's Director of Public Relations. He is an Associate Professor at Kindai University's campus in Fukuoka Prefecture, where he has been teaching since 2000.

  • Robert Chartrand

    Robert is a professor at the Institute of Foreign Language Education, Kurume University in Fukuoka, Japan. He is also the Vice President of JALT. He has a PhD in Information Engineering from the Kyushu Institute of Technology in Fukuoka as well as an MA in TESOL from the School of International Training in the USA. Originally from Montreal, Canada, he has been living in Fukuoka, Japan since 1983. His main interests are in corpus linguistics, teaching languages with technology, and English language education for secondary school and university students. Robert speaks French, English and Japanese.

  • Michael Mielke

    Michael is an Assistant Professor at Sapporo University and the current Director of Treasury for JALT.

  • Melodie Cook

    I am a full-time tenured Professor at UNP in Niigata. I am also the Director of Membership for JALT. I am happy to be associated with this committee -- doing workshops has helped me with my own professional development.

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Top row (l-r):
President Dawn Lucovich, Vice President Robert Chartrand, Director of Program Wayne Malcolm
Bottom row (l-r):
Director of Public Relations Bill Pellowe, Director of Records Kenn Gale, Director of Membership Melodie Cook, Director of Treasury Michael Mielke

Link: Board of Directors page on JALT.org