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The Fine Art of Explaining Japanese Culture

Pre-recorded Video
Sat, Nov 13, 10:45-11:45 Asia/Tokyo

Location: Room 02

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One difficulty for many EFL teachers facing oral discussion classes relates to the simple issue of conversational topics. Some topics might be either uninteresting or unfamiliar to some students making it difficult for them to contribute opinions or questions. Explain It: Discussing Japanese Culture in English is a textbook solving this problem, helping students to explore their own culture and opinions about it. Topics range from sports, handicrafts, superstitions, the arts, and theater, among others.

  • Robert Long

    Robert Long is a professor at Kyushu Institute of Technology and has published various kinds of EFL textbooks on reading, speaking, critical thinking as well as children's books and fables. His area of expertise concerns fluency, as well as oral grammatical accuracy and he is currently finishing up his third Japanese Science grant on EFL writing.