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Write Right: Reducing the Writing Anxiety of University EFL Students

Sat, Nov 13, 11:25-11:50 Asia/Tokyo

Location: Room 09

EFL university students are often crippled by their writing anxiety, making it difficult for them to accomplish a myriad of academic writing requirements in English. Understanding the types and levels of students’ writing anxiety would help EFL teachers improve their pedagogical approaches in making students confidently write right.

  • Rachel Luna Peralta

    I am an English Lecturer at the Macao Institute for Tourism Studies. I have been an English teacher for 22 years now - 13 years in the Philippines, 2 years in mainland China, and almost 8 years in Macao. I am currently taking my PhD at the University of Saint Joseph - Macao and my PhD research is focused on the cognitive process of L2 online writing.