Rachel Luna Peralta

Macao Institute for Tourism Studies


I am an English Lecturer at the Macao Institute for Tourism Studies. I have been an English teacher for 22 years now - 13 years in the Philippines, 2 years in mainland China, and almost 8 years in Macao. I am currently taking my PhD at the University of Saint Joseph - Macao and my PhD research is focused on the cognitive process of L2 online writing.


Language Skills Write Right: Reducing the Writing Anxiety of University EFL Students more

Sat, Nov 13, 11:25-11:50 Asia/Tokyo

EFL university students are often crippled by their writing anxiety, making it difficult for them to accomplish a myriad of academic writing requirements in English. Understanding the types and levels of students’ writing anxiety would help EFL teachers improve their pedagogical approaches in making students confidently write right.

Rachel Luna Peralta