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The Michele Steele Best of JALT Awards Ceremony and Social

Sat, Nov 13, 19:45-23:00 Asia/Tokyo

Location: Room 01

The Michele Steele Best of JALT Awards is a program that was started to honor the speakers who make JALT events such valuable experiences. This year's awards are for events and publications from the 2020 calendar year.

Each year, the JALT chapters and SIGs each have the option of naming a speaker (or author of an article) from the previous calendar year as their Best of JALT award recipient. While this award had been around for many years, Michele Steele renewed the award and brought it properly into the limelight in 2010 by creating a ceremony to be held at JALT's annual international conference. Over the years, this Best of JALT Award Reception has grown into the main social event of the conference. At the JALT2020 Conference, the Executive Board of JALT unanimously voted on changing the name of this award to The Michele Steele Best of JALT Award in honor of Michele's inspiring work and devoted love of honoring the JALT members who are being recognized by this award. Sadly, Michele passed away in December 2020 after a long battle with illness, and will be greatly missed at this year's event.

Please join us for the Michele Steele Best of JALT Awards to not only honor the award recipients, but also to raise a glass in remembrance of Michele Steele, a long-time officer and volunteer of JALT.

  • Catherine Oki

    Assistant Professor in the Department of International Studies at DWCLA in Kyoto, Japan. Michele Steele Best of JALT coordinator. She/Her

  • Wayne Malcolm

    Hello, I hope you have found my profile easily enough. My name is Wayne Malcolm, and I have been the JALT Director of Program since 2019. In this capacity I oversee the organizing of the main annual international conference and educational materials exhibition. Along with leading the conference team, I am also a member of the JALT Board of Directors. I from the United States where I lived in New York State. I have a Bachelor of Arts in political science from Syracuse University; a Masters of Management - International, from the University of Phoenix School of Advanced Studies; and a Doctorate of Education specializing in leadership as it pertains to curriculum and instruction. My dissertation study was about gauging the value businesses find in students who participated in university study abroad programs. I also wanted to know about how the students who studied abroad understood the concept "global competency*. My current research revolves around these topics.