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Best Practices of Teaching Academic Writing Online for the New Normal

Mon, Nov 15, 13:25-13:50 Asia/Tokyo

Location: Room 01

This presentation’s focus is on best practices for teaching academic writing based on formative and summative feedback in an integrated writing process and reflection on standard writing pedagogy. By suggesting how these strategies of the past can be reframed in a digital context and combined for both asynchronous and synchronous learning opportunities, it explores the new normal in a post-COVID world where online learning, or at least hybrid learning contexts, are here to stay.

  • Lindy Ledohowski

    Dr. Lindy Ledohowski has PhD in English and was an English professor before developing and cofounding EssayJack, the academic writing software that was acquired by Canadian EdTech company Wize in July 2021. Dr. Ledohowski continues to write and speak on teaching academic writing and has joined the Wize leadership team.

Academic writing is a process. Teaching academic writing online can create difficulties to inculcate this process. This presentation focuses specifically on formative feedback online in structured ways (using rubrics).

Learn more: EssayJack https://www.essayjack.com & Wize https://www.wizeprep.com

Here's short preview of this type of presentation I've done before.