Language Classroom Content & Pedagogy General Practice-Oriented Short Workshop

Literature Is a Moveable Feast for Language Teachers and Learners

Mon, Nov 15, 12:05-12:30 Asia/Tokyo

Location: Room 01

Reading books remains the most reliable and enduring means for learners to get second language input and experience. Beyond this technical (albeit important) characterization, reading narrative literature brings to learners a feast of culture, enjoyment, ideas, and insight. These gifts extend to second language teachers, as these rich texts offer many approaches to instruction. In this talk, the presenter will detail practical ways teachers can guide learners through the many compelling narrative texts available today.

  • Greta Gorsuch

    My career in second and foreign language teaching and learning spans over thirty years. I have taught applied linguistics, EFL, and ESL in Japan, the U.S., and Vietnam. I have co-authored and edited several books, including Second Language Course Evaluation (2016), Second Language Testing for Student Evaluation and Classroom Research (2018), Tests that Second Teachers Make and Use (2019), and Using Theories for Second Language Teaching and Learning (forthcoming). I also write original fiction for literacy learners and English language learners including The Cell Phone Lot (2018), Cecilia’s House & The Foraging Class (2019), and The Three Lives of Maul Entringer (forthcoming).