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Strategies and New Perspectives for Teaching Academic Writing Online

Sat, Nov 13, 11:25-12:25 Asia/Tokyo

Location: Room 01

Teaching academic writing online is hard to do well. This workshop coalesces around three key pedagogical tactics for teaching academic writing: scaffolding, chunking, and interrogative methodology. The workshop lays out strategies for combining these approaches and provides an overview of digital technologies that can aid in the teaching of English-language academic writing at the college or university level. This workshop reflects on past practice and offers new perspectives for an online or hybrid educational future.

  • Lindy Ledohowski

    Dr. Lindy Ledohowski has PhD in English and was an English professor before developing and cofounding EssayJack, the academic writing software that was acquired by Canadian EdTech company Wize in July 2021. Dr. Ledohowski continues to write and speak on teaching academic writing and has joined the Wize leadership team.

This longer presentation is more of a pedagogical presentation on the theoretical and research findings underpinning scaffolding, chunking, and interrogative methodology as teaching strategies for English language academic writing.

Learn more: EssayJack https://www.essayjack.com & Wize https://www.wizeprep.com

Here's a preview of some of the ideas that this presentation will flesh out in much greater detail https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=68tUSyCqFdg