Teaching Younger Learners Teaching Children Practice-Oriented Short Workshop

Using Online Games and Tools to Improve Engagement With Young ESL Learners

Sun, Nov 14, 15:25-15:50 Asia/Tokyo

Location: Room 05

The shift to emergency remote teaching has called for many educators to adapt existing materials, which has presented a unique array of challenges for teaching English to young learners. This workshop seeks to explore online tools and games that can be used in both synchronous and asynchronous lessons to encourage engagement, increase motivation, and provide challenges and fun. Attendees will be able to experience the digital tools from both student and teacher perspectives.

  • Kirsten Razzaq

    Kirsten currently teaches English to young learners in Busan, South Korea, where she has lived since 2017. She recently completed an MA TESOL from the University of Sunderland, and her thesis focused on mobile-assisted language learning outside of the classroom. Since 2019 Kirsten has lectured online and offline for the NIIED, training incoming EPIK teachers and TaLK scholars. She is currently the KOTESOL Second Vice-President.

In this session we will explore mentimeter.com, wordwall.net, class123.ac, and padlet.com and how they can be used with Elementary students.
This introduction will allow you to experience real activities which you can incorporate into your own English classroom.