Language Skills General Practice-Oriented Long Workshop

Essential Skills for “Reading” in the IELTS Reading Test

Sat, Nov 13, 15:25-16:25 Asia/Tokyo

Location: Room 03

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This workshop will explore what “reading” really means in the IELTS reading test. It will look at the purpose of this test, and how to develop the most appropriate and useful skills and strategies for dealing with the questions efficiently and effectively.

  • Sarah Philpot

    Sarah Philpot (MA Lon., RSA Dip. TEFL) has been an English language teacher and teacher trainer for over 25 years. She has lived and taught in various countries around the world including the UK, Sri Lanka, France, Palestine and the Philippines, mainly for the British Council. She has published a number of English language grammar and study skills books both for young learners and adults, including Headway Academic Skills (OUP) and Building Blocks (Delta). She has also co-written the IELTS teacher training course for the British Council’s worldwide intranet.