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Effective Warm-Up Exercises With an Email Magazine

Sun, Nov 14, 12:45-13:45 Asia/Tokyo

Location: Room 22

Teachers can help to reduce the affective filters of their students and encourage interest by introducing topical comprehensible input at the beginning of a class. The author writes a daily email magazine in simple English which serves this purpose. Using recursive exercises involving listening, reading silently, and shadowing, the teacher can ensure that students focus on meaning while promoting basic language skills.

  • Douglas Jarrell

    I teach part-time at a couple of universities and write a daily email magazine for English students. Since retiring from a full-time job at a university, I now work with an environmental organization in Nagoya--a great working environment!

Effective Warm-up Exercises with an Email Magazine

Presenter:  Douglas Jarrell


When students enter the classroom, they need to make the switch from their L1 to English. Here are several warm-up activities based on posts from an email magazine. The posts are topical and comprehensible, and the activities help students break the ice and encourage better communication among students.

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