Teaching Younger Learners Junior/Senior High School Research-Oriented Short Presentation

Project-Based Learning for Globalisation in Junior High School.

Sat, Nov 13, 15:25-15:50 Asia/Tokyo

Location: Room 08

There is increasing pressure to equip students with global skills and to be able to use English. This presentation details a project-based communication task for junior high school students in one school. Also, the elements that facilitated how the project was adapted from an out-of-class oral research project to an in-class collaborative written communication project in response to the limitations imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic will be highlighted.

  • Kate Sato (佐藤ケイト)

    I've taught EFL in Europe, the US, and Japan for over 30 years. I teach full-time at university and also am in an elementary school and a junior high school classroom every month for research. My main areas of research are cross-cultural and intercultural communication, and teaching phonics to young learners. When I'm not working I love spending time in my 11/2 acre garden or relaxing with my pet cats.