Language Classroom Content & Pedagogy College & University Education Practice-Oriented Short Workshop

Reflecting on the Value of an Instructional EFL Academic Debate Rubric

Sun, Nov 14, 18:00-18:25 Asia/Tokyo

Location: Room 10

This presentation reflects on an instructional rubric created for an undergraduate academic debate course. The rubric was adapted from an existing model for formative feedback and assessment purposes. Key design features in relation to the teaching context are examined before discussing how the rubric was administered to provide performance benchmarks, communicate student progress, and support in-class activities. All analysis, interpretations, and suggested improvements derive from the presenter’s reflections, end-of-course survey data, and students’ informal feedback.

  • Jamie Lesley

    Jamie is an instructor in the English for Liberal Arts (ELA) Program at International Christian University. His research interests include language testing, formative feedback in EAP and ESP contexts, and professional development in language education.