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Online Speech: Speech Recognition in the Classroom

Sun, Nov 14, 14:45-15:10 Asia/Tokyo

Location: Room 13

In recent years the increase in availability of computerized speech recognition and speech synthesis has led to exciting possibilities in the field of foreign language learning. Traditionally learning activities do not require students to vocalize their responses. This paper presentation will show an analysis of the effectiveness of speech recognition using online speaking on student reactions over 3 institutions as part of Kakenhi research.


A new way to practice and analyze conversation
Gary Ross Assoc. Prof., Kanazawa University
Stephen Henneberry Assoc. Prof., University of Shimane


The advent of personal assistants such as Siri and Google Speech has brought these new technologies to the public consciousness. However, while this technology can make an appointment at a hairdressers, as demonstrated in a recent Google event, the reality is that outside of very closed situations true conversation is still, like HAL, science fiction.

That said, the underlying technologies of Speech Synthesis and Speech Recognition (SS/SR) have great potential provided one is aware of the limitations.

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