Language Classroom Content & Pedagogy General Practice-Oriented Short Workshop

Cancelled Successful Showcasing: A Student Showcase & Film Festival, PIE SIG 2/20/21

Sun, Nov 14, 14:45-15:10 Asia/Tokyo

Location: Room 19

In a one-day online conference, The 2nd Performance in Education: Research & Practice Conference/Student Showcase/Film Festival (February 20, 2021), more than 120 students participated by showing performances, presentations, and films they created. In this workshop, learn how to prepare your students to demonstrate their creativity and abilities to wider audiences. Also, learn about a variety of upcoming opportunities to showcase your students or how to create your own student showcasing event.

  • David Kluge

    I believe that students learn more language and life skills by collaborating with classmates to create and perform. I also believe that teachers often underestimate student abilities and capabilities. My job is to find activities that allow students to push themselves farther than they thought possible, and to put the activities in a good sequence so not only that students learn language, but also learn life skills.