Teaching Younger Learners Teaching Children Research-Oriented Short Presentation

Utilizing Dubbing Audio in the EFL Classroom: Impacts on Oral Proficiency

Sat, Nov 13, 10:45-11:10 Asia/Tokyo

Location: Room 09

This presentation will share research on how dubbing audio in the EFL classroom impacts student oral proficiency. The presenter will share data comparing the pre-post oral proficiency from two groups of students. The experimental group worked with dubbed audio materials and the control group did not. Findings related to variation in proficiency across the two groups will be discussed.

  • Zhihao Huang

    Zhihao Huang, a young scholar, has over two-year experience teaching English in a primary school. Currently, he is a postgraduate student from Wenzhou-Kean University. A recent publication is about critical literacy in the EFL classroom, "Teacher, may I Answer in Chinese: A Case Study of a Critical Literacy Course in Primary School in Mainland China." Another ongoing research is to explore the challenge in ITT (Intelligent Teacher Training). He is passionate about ELT in the EFL classroom to contribute to students learning English for interaction and fun.