Language Skills General Research-Oriented Short Presentation

Promoting Multimodal Literacy in EFL Class With a Biographical Picture Book

Mon, Nov 15, 13:25-13:50 Asia/Tokyo

Location: Room 12

This research focuses on one Japanese middle school student’s reading and interpretation of the nonfiction picture book Lotte’s Magical Paper Puppets: The Woman Behind the First Animated Film. The purpose was to see if the visual text would help the student understand the vocabulary in the written text. It also focused on her interpretations of the visual text and recall ability for both visual and written texts.

  • Bethany Lacy

    Bethany Lacy's fields of interest include visual literacy, multimodal literacy, digital literacy, reading motivation, reading comprehension, and vocabulary acquisition. She taught multimedia classes to EFL learners at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies for five years before moving to Japan. She is currently waiting for borders to reopen so she can finish the last of her Ph.D. requirements at Korea University.