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Online Theatre: A Learning Tool for EAP

Pre-recorded Video
Sat, Nov 13, 13:25-13:50 Asia/Tokyo

Location: Room 10

With the spate of theatre currently being streamed online, a unique opportunity has arisen to incorporate professionally filmed plays into academic teaching. By dramatically contextualising coursework, students are offered a platform for heightened levels of critical thinking, the fostering of which is one of the core objectives of any EAP curriculum. This presentation will look at how the National Theatre’s production of Frankenstein was used in a freshman academic class and offer further resources.

  • Michael Walker

    Michael Walker has over 20 years of experience as an ESL educator in both Australia and Japan. He has taught general English at language schools, oral communication as an ALT on the JET program, and academic skills at tertiary level. He is currently based in Tokyo and teaches academic reading and writing skills to university students. His other interests include theatre and filmmaking which he incorporates into the classroom when applicable. His research areas include adopting creativity into curriculums and the impact of culture on learning attitudes.