Nagasaki International University


I'm an English teacher in the Global Tourism program at NIU. I specialize in supporting the program with education technology including learning management systems. I have been researching large-scale virtual exchanges, on-demand and MOOC curriculum development, and learning analytics.


Teacher and Professional Development Academic Dishonesty in Japan: A Cautionary Tale more

Sat, Nov 13, 16:05-16:30 Asia/Tokyo

The Internet has revolutionized every aspect of language education. However, the downside of digital technology is it also enables unscrupulous students to find novel ways to cheat. In this session, the presenters will discuss a recent incident in which over 1400 students from 90 institutions in Japan were caught cheating using digital technology.

Paul Goldberg Thom RAWSON

Technology Reflections on Developing an On-Demand Curriculum more

Sat, Nov 13, 14:45-16:00 Asia/Tokyo

Participants will join a roundtable exploring how teachers at a university in Japan transformed their in-person English communication courses into on-demand lessons. Topics include the techniques used to create content, how the techniques evolved over time, how the content was distributed to students, and how communication was encouraged in an on-demand environment. Participants will be encouraged to consider how the techniques and content created for the course could be integrated with future in-person classes.

John Owatari-Dorgan Tomoko Koyama Tomoko KOYAMA Thom RAWSON Brendan Tomoko MATSUMOTO