Katherine Shreves

Hokuriku Gakuin University & Junior College


Katherine Shreves is an instructor for Hokuriku Gakuin's English Center, where she teaches and advises university and junior college students. She also serves as an ALT for Hokuriku Gakuin Elementary School. She has 10 years of teaching experience in Japan ranging from preschool to university education.


Language Skills Developing an Extensive Reading Program for Young Learners of English more

Sun, Nov 14, 14:45-15:10 Asia/Tokyo

To increase exposure to authentic English among students at our Japanese elementary school, we implemented an audio-assisted extensive reading program. In this workshop, we will share our experiences in growing this program over several years, including both successes and shortcomings. From the initial stages of development to evaluation of impact, we will offer candid and practical tips for administering a reading program that is age-appropriate for young learners of English as a foreign language.

Katherine Shreves Kimiko Tateishi