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Teacher and Professional Development Transitioning From the Online Classroom: Considering Blended Learning more

Mon, Nov 15, 11:25-11:50 Asia/Tokyo

The 2020 global pandemic tested the capability and disposition towards using technology of instructors and educational institutions. Looking forward, there is an opportunity to use what was learned to find better classroom solutions. This workshop will facilitate discussion about the use of technology to provide blended learning and share related data from student surveys. It will also give suggestions on how a positive balance can be struck between studying face-to -face and exploiting technology.

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Teacher and Professional Development Giving Effective Feedback on Speaking in University English Classes more

Mon, Nov 15, 13:25-13:50 Asia/Tokyo

Giving effective feedback on speaking activities during university English classes can be a challenging area for teachers due to issues related to students (e.g. motivation or comprehension), the environment (e.g. large class sizes), or themselves (e.g. deciding which areas of student performance to select for feedback). This workshop will focus on some techniques for giving meaningful feedback to university learners and then allow for some discussion and sharing of ideas on best practice.

Rob Watson