Ross Sampson

Kanda University of International Studies


Ross Sampson is a lecturer at Kanda University of International Studies. He holds an MEd in TESOL from the University of Glasgow and has worked in the TESOL field for 12 years, in Japan, South Korea and Thailand as well as onboard a cruise ship. His research interests include reflection, learner autonomy, learner identity and self-access learning. He teaches a range of language and content classes and actively encourages all his students to reflect on their learning. He has been involved in research projects for the last 4 years within the realms of self-access and learner autonomy.


Teacher and Professional Development Reflections on Becoming a Learning Advisor more

This poster and presenter give details and reflections on the presenter’s experience of qualifying as a learning advisor through a Learning Advisor Education (LAE) program completed over the 2020-2021 academic year. The program comprises 5 courses, each of which can be taken separately, though an internationally recognised qualification as a Learning Advisor (LA) is available upon completion of all 5 courses. The program relates to Advising in Language Learning (ALL), mentoring, and teacher leadership.

Ross Sampson