Alan Simpson

University of Miyazaki


I'm originally from Scotland, and am currently teaching English for Medical and Nursing Purposes. I recently enjoyed teaching at a Liberal Arts Institution and believe it's a great educational foundation. Previously, I have taught corporate English for Business and Engineering Purposes, and have enjoyed developing this Banking English course too. I have interests in intercultural and communicative negotiation of meaning.


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Sun, Nov 14, 12:45-13:10 Asia/Tokyo

Banking customers need assistance with tasks such as opening bank accounts and transferring money. Some banks, however, do not provide English (ATM or teller) support, so banking can be challenging for non-Japanese speakers. This presentation will describe a banking English seminar which has been designed for staff at a prefectural banking institution. The materials have been assessed and improved using a holistic business English evaluation framework, and this presentation aims to share what was done.

Alan Simpson Cathrine-Mette (Trine) Mork