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Narrative Inquiry into the Student Sojourn Experience - JALT2021 Kevin Cleary Invited Speaker Presentation

Sat, Nov 13, 18:00-19:00 Asia/Tokyo

Location: Room 28

Narrative Inquiry is a body of research that considers personal accounts, giving voice to those often invisible in academia. The presentation incorporates Japanese university students’ English language accounts. The purpose is to understand learners from a holistic perspective. Language learning is an individual journey of discovery and progressive skills. It is hoped this presentation will provide perspective, as an educator or a language learner yourself, on personal journeys represented in the Japanese classroom.

Lyndell Nagashima is the JALT2021 Kevin Cleary Invited Speaker. The Kevin Cleary Invited Speaker program was begun in 2014 in memory of a beloved JALT President who passed away in January 2014. Kevin was involved with JALT as an officer at the chapter level and the national level since 2002. The speaker for this award is one who encompasses the same spirit and enthusiasm Kevin showed during his time with JALT.

  • Lyndell Nagashima

    Originally from the Gold Coast in Australia, I have been residing in Japan for many years. After completing two MA in Linguistics, teaching experience at Japanese universities, and accompanying students on study abroad, I recently began a PhD in Education. I'm also the coordinator of the JALT Study Abroad SIG. My interests are in language acquisition, student development via overseas sojourn, and intercultural awareness.