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Graduate Student Showcase: Gakushuin University

Pre-recorded Video
Sat, Nov 13, 14:05-15:25 Asia/Tokyo

Location: Room 07

This is the graduate student showcase for Gakushuin University.

  • Miyu Noto

    I am a graduate student of Galushuin University. I am interested in demotivation in two types of English classes.

  • So Sudo

    I'm a 2nd year graduate university student. My research interests include language test and language policy.

  • Louise Ohashi

    Louise Ohashi is hosting the GGS session for Gakushuin University. She is a Professor at Meiji University who also teaches undergraduate and graduate courses at Gakushuin University. Her research background is in CALL/MALL, learner autonomy and second language education.

  • Yushi Kashimura

    Yushi Kashimura is a second-year master's student at Gakushuin University. His research interests are Extensive Reading and Learner Autonomy.

  • Naomichi Tsutano

    Gakushuin University. His research is teachers' beliefs and retelling.

You can read summaries about the sessions below and download the PDF above. We will share four pre-recorded videos in this forum. Participants can comment/ask presenters questions via chat during each presentation and there will be Q&A time (presenters will answer orally, audience members can participate with audio/chat) after each presentation. If time permits after the four sessions, we will engage the audience in a discussion about our research areas. We hope you enjoy our session!

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Miyu Noto: Comparing Demotivation in Online and Face-to-Face English Classes

So Sudo: Washback effects of entrance exam reform on English education in Japan

Naomichi Tsutano: Examining English teachers' attitudes toward retelling activities in secondary school

Yushi Kashimura: Effects of Goal-Setting on Two Motivational Factors in Extensive Reading