Japanese and Other Language Teaching & Learning General Practice-Oriented Long Workshop

Language Learning Post-COVID: Time to Finally Start Trusting Learners?

Sat, Nov 13, 15:25-16:25 Asia/Tokyo

Location: Room 02


The global COVID pandemic forced sudden, massive changes to how students were being taught. Post COVID, do we just pick up from where we left off? Or do we use this unprecedented event to reflect upon what really works, what doesn’t, and strive for true effectiveness—trusting how learners actually learn languages, and letting them do so—rather than repeating the failed orthodoxies of the past?

  • Julian Warden

    Based in Asia, with 13 years’ experience at Oxford University Press (Japan, Thailand), three years at Macmillan Education (South East Asia, Asia) and two years as CEO of a multi-million dollar school business I am the General Manager of mangoSTEEMS, a group of companies focused on selling STEM and EDTECH products across Asia and South Asia. Please see company direction below: VISION To empower every child and adult with the knowledge and skills to succeed and excel in their lives and careers in the 21st century and beyond. MISSION Transform education systems through working with leading academics, thought leaders and digital innovators. Bring cutting edge innovative educational solutions to schools. Empower teachers to drive digital transformation through innovative professional development programs Provide accessibility of STEEMS education through the development of Mangosteems Learning Centers. Thank you very much for your time and I look forward to meeting you.