Japanese and Other Language Teaching & Learning General Research-Oriented Short Presentation

Translanguaging in Japan: A Case Study of High School English Teachers

Sat, Nov 13, 14:45-15:10 Asia/Tokyo

Location: Room 14

Translanguaging reconceptualises language and speakers in Japan and how “the” foreign language, English, is taught in Japanese high schools.

  • Sayaka Saito

    Sayaka Saito is a PhD candidate at the Faculty of Education, Monash University. Her research interests are Translanguaging, EIL, ELF, and language teaching.

Some scholars have contested the idea of homogenous Japan (Burgess, 2010; Lie, 2001; Weiner; 2009) including its monolingualism (Gottlieb, 2005; Heinrich & Galan, 2010).

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