Teacher and Professional Development College & University Education Practice-Oriented Short Workshop

Responsive to Proactive: Professional Learning to Support Remote Teaching

Pre-recorded Video
Sun, Nov 14, 16:05-16:30 Asia/Tokyo

Location: Room 12

In the move to emergency online teaching, an evolving professional learning framework was created to respond to the training needs of teachers. Through regular targeted sessions and by harnessing the growing collective knowledge of an online teaching platform and online teaching approaches, timely solutions to emerging staff needs were provided. This session shares the successes and challenges of the framework, plus takeaways for the future in the return to normal face-to-face teaching.

  • Stephanie Cantrell

    Stephanie is the professional learning coordinator for the School of English & University Pathways (SEUP), RMIT Vietnam. She is responsible for internal training and sourcing external development opportunities. Stephanie is a member of the core planning group that led SEUP's move to emergency remote teaching at the beginning of 2020.