Learner Development College & University Education Research-Oriented Short Presentation

Students’ Opinions About Peer Teaching

Pre-recorded Video
Sun, Nov 14, 16:05-16:30 Asia/Tokyo

Location: Room 16

First, an overview of peer teaching will be given. Next, an introduction to a peer-teaching activity will be shared. Then data will be presented about students’ opinions about the experience of teaching, how this experience will help them in the future, advice they would give to others about peer teaching, and if peer teaching was a positive or negative experience. Lastly, possible ways for instructors to use this activity will be discussed.


    I have taught in high schools in Osaka before joining Rikkyo University first as an instructor and now as an adjunct lecturer. My current teaching and research interests include fostering learner autonomy and providing a platform for students' voices. My volunteer activities include poverty alleviation and awareness-raising about human trafficking. I earned my Bachelor of Social Work from the University of Manitoba and completed a Master of Arts in Integrated Studies from Athabasca University.

Pre-recorded video on JALT YouTube Channel