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Study Abroad During a Pandemic: Problems and Solutions

Pre-recorded Video
Mon, Nov 15, 12:45-13:10 Asia/Tokyo

Location: Room 06

For many second language learners, study abroad presents an opportunity for both cultural immersion and L2 language development. However, the necessity of social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic has greatly impacted the study abroad experience for many learners. This presentation reports on a cohort of Japanese university students who studied abroad in 2020, including the problems they encountered and the solutions they adopted to maximize their experiences.

  • Kris Ramonda

    Kris Ramonda is an associate professor of applied linguistics at Kansai University in Japan. He completed his PhD at the University of Birmingham where he investigated the relationship between picture-based input and the learning of figurative expressions. His research interests include vocabulary acquisition, metaphor, and extensive reading.