Teacher and Professional Development General Professional Development Workshop

A New Statistics Online App for Exploratory and Explanatory Data Analysis

Fri, Nov 12, 13:30-14:15 Asia/Tokyo

Location: Room 04

I will introduce an online application created to help with quantitative data analysis based around New Statistics principles (Cumming, 2012). The application is easy to use, providing exploratory and explanatory output appropriate for use in research publications, presentations, or dissertations. The focus is on the generation of statistics for the estimation of the size and direction of research interventions: effect sizes, confidence intervals, and data-rich graphical plots. This is in keeping with current recommendations for quantitative research, moving beyond problematic issues surrounding statistical significance testing. The theoretical background and practical usage of the application will be covered.

Links to my Application Pages:
Doing a t-test: https://pcjapan.shinyapps.io/estimation_plots/
Doing a regression: https://pcjapan.shinyapps.io/Regression_Analysis/