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Smart Listeners  is a three-book series designed to develop the listening comprehension skills of English language learners at the pre-intermediate (CEFR A2-Low) stage. Listening tasks in the series are designed to target both global and discreet listening comprehension skills.

Best-selling Titles
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Timed Reading for Fluency  is a useful series for students who want to develop their reading fluency. Because fluency development requires students to make the best use of what they already know, the reading passages in this series target familiar vocabulary and grammar. Such reading material allows students to practice recognizing and processing texts that they read without undue struggle while aiming toward a faster reading speed.

Reading for the Academic World  is a three-book series designed for students who are seeking to develop their academic reading skills with particular focus on passages incorporating vocabulary items from the Academic Word List. By employing informative texts from various academic fields including history, natural science, literature, social issue, psychology, business, linguistics, and more, this series exposes students to a wide range of vocabulary and structures typically encountered in written academic discourse while targeting the study of more than 500 words featured in the Academic Word List. All passages in the series are supported with activities to practice comprehension of input, refinement of output, fluency with current skills, and language-focused learning strategies.

TOEIC Test Preparation
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TOEIC Skills series  is a three-level series aimed at learners at different stages of their TOEIC preparation. Each theme-based unit introduces words, phrases, and idioms frequently encountered on the TOEIC test. Each unit provides extensive practice and contains a mini-test to reinforce the targets of that unit. All the audio recordings for the textbooks are provided through the attached CDs or available to download online.

Graded Readers
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Culture Readers: Holidays is a new nonfiction series that explores holidays and festivals celebrated around the world. The series explains important aspects of these holidays including when they are celebrated, how they began, and what people do for them. Readers will get a glimpse into the history and beliefs of different cultures as they learn about dates and times of the year designated for celebrations worldwide.

Future Jobs Readers is a nonfiction series that explores exciting new careers that may soon become available to young people today. The series explains the type of work these careers will entail along with the kind of study and experience they require. Many of the careers that the series focuses on relate to developing technologies with applications in many different fields. In particular, the series aims to spark the interest of readers in considering the study of STEM-related subject areas that can open up new horizons for the next generation in the workplace.

World History Readers is a six-level nonfiction series specifically designed to prepare young learners for future study of academic material in English. There are exciting stories about historical people and events which shaped our world then, and still do today.

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