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Communicating in Business English 2nd Edition

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Communicating in Business English, Second Edition is a two-book series for learners of English and business professionals wanting to enhance their English communication skills for global business, covering key language and expressions needed in a wide variety of important business situations. The second edition has been completely re-designed as a two-book series with a fresh, modern look and updated to cover topics and scenarios relevant to today's professionals, such as online meetings and contract renegotiation.

・ Discussion-focused lesson warm-ups to activate students’ background knowledge of lesson topics.
・ Key vocabulary lists for each lesson.
・ Sample phrases, sentences, and dialogs illustrating how common business language structures are used in context.
・ Business tips and strategies for effective communication.

Presentation Sunday, November 14  10:45am-11:45am

STEAM Reading series

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STEAM Reading is a three-level reading series for beginner to high-elementary learners of English. Each level has three books that focus on improving student’s reading skills through a STEAM approach to learning. Each book contains nonfiction and fiction passages covering all aspects of STEAM.

・ Integrated topics related to STEAM subjects.
・ Paired units go in-depth on each topic.
・ Experiment videos activate learning.
・ STEAM projects based on 21st century skills.

Presentation  Sunday, November 14  12:45pm-13:45pm

Sounds Great 2nd Edition
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Sounds Great, Second Edition is a five-level phonics series developed for young EFL/ ESL learners. This series puts students on the path to fluency with a systematic presentation of single-letter sounds, vowel combinations, and consonant blends. Each unit of Sounds Great, Second Edition has full-color illustrations and contains audio tracks and videos to make the learning experience more engaging and effective.

What is new in the 2nd edition?
- Convenient access of digital materials with QR codes for audio and video streaming.
- Children targeted new illustrations and modern design with full colors.
- A fast-temp Chant with different background music. *Composed to use various instruments for rhythmic and fun experience.
- Provide a variety of additional material such as tests, coloring activities, puzzles, and PowerPoint for extended learning to both students and teachers.
- Workbook printed in full colors.

Compass Publishing 2022 ELT Catalog available here

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