Philip Standlee

Kanda University of International Studies


Hi, I am am an English language instructor at Kanda University of International Studies. Over past four years, I have been developing a Maker education course so students can learn through hands-on projects. I helped to co-author and won a Kakenhi research grant to continue our Maker education work, and will share my lessons learned with you.


Technology Retooling a Makerspace Class for Blended Learning more

Sun, Nov 14, 14:45-15:10 Asia/Tokyo

What happens to a makerspace class when the space is taken away? This workshop will share how a makerspace class used a blended learning model (Kitchen, 2021), online makerspace tools (e.g., Microbit and Tinkercad), and communication activities for online instruction. It will also show initial research findings from an exploratory study investigating five university students’ written journals for language development through descriptive statistics, and makerspace learning benefits using initial and thematic coding.

Philip Standlee