Louisa Dunne


Louisa Dunne is an EFL teacher and Global IELTS teacher trainer, working as an examinations academic support manager at the British Council Paris. Her job involves providing support to teachers working in higher education, and secondary and adult teachers preparing students for various English language exams. Louisa has many years’ experience of teaching English to different age groups, from primary to adult. She has taught in Europe, South Asia, the Middle East and the Far East and has worked with teachers around the world, creating training programmes for IELTS test takers, teachers, and IELTS teacher trainers worldwide.


Language Skills The IELTS “Short-Course”: Some Design Considerations more

Sun, Nov 14, 18:00-19:00 Asia/Tokyo

This workshop will discuss teachers’ experiences of managing students’ expectations around their needs for specific IELTS scores, and strategies for convincing students to improve their English before taking IELTS. Resources to help with this, and alternatives to IELTS preparation for students with lower language levels will be considered. Finally, the presenter and participants will examine and discuss ways to adapt two short IELTS course descriptions prepared by the IELTS partners for students at B2 level.

Louisa Dunne