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Language Classroom Content & Pedagogy Using CBI to Better Understand the Geopolitics of Nuclear Power & Arms more

Sat, Nov 13, 12:45-13:10 Asia/Tokyo

This presentation will give the results of a mixed methodology study that took place in late 2020 on the factors influencing the perspectives of young Japanese voters on nuclear energy and armament policies. Derived from the results of an extensive survey of 1293 students, a series of lesson plans were developed for a class to explore issues related to a difficult topic through the target L2.

Richard Miller

Teacher and Professional Development Coping With a Changing Academic Job Market more

Sun, Nov 14, 10:45-11:10 Asia/Tokyo

This presentation will outline some of the current changes and challenges faced by instructors seeking academic employment, such as demographic issues, institutional stability, increasing professionalism, and minimum entry requirements. Strategies and solutions for navigating these challenges will be presented including tips on CV preparation, professional development, and career planning. We will adopt a workshop format for the final portion of the session to address audience members’ needs.

Richard Miller