Jeng-yih Tim Hsu

National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology


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Language Skills A Corpus-Based Study on Lexical Bundles of Taiwanese EFL Students’ Writing more

Sat, Nov 13, 12:05-12:30 Asia/Tokyo

This corpus-based study examines lexical bundles and their functions observed in Taiwanese college English majors’ essays. Three corpora of academic essays were established based on the students’ writing fluency levels. An online instrument, N-Gram Extractor (Lextutor), was used to identify 2- to 6-word lexical bundles. The results showed the intermediate-fluency-level students used more lexical bundles, whereas the lower-fluency-level students hardly produced any. Stance bundles were found to be the most used function types.

Yi Hsuan Wang Jeng-yih Tim Hsu