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Pragmatics (PRAG) Pragmatics: Three Research Perspectives more

Fri, Nov 20, 18:30-20:00 Asia/Tokyo

Research on pragmatics is generally from only one research perspective. However, this forum will bring together three researchers each with their separate research agendas: conversation analysis, discourse analysis, and sociolinguistics. These analysts will explain their overall approach and demonstrate the key steps in their analysis of the shared transcripts. This session will raise awareness of the differences and commonalities of the research perspectives, and, in addition, provide further insight into the pragmatics of real-life interaction.

B. Bricklin Zeff Yosuke OGAWA Todd James Allen

Sociocultural-Linguistics & Pragmatics Grading Interactional Competence in L2 Speaking more

Sun, Nov 14, 14:05-14:30 Asia/Tokyo

This paper will demonstrate how and what to teach in addition to grading students’ interactional proficiency in speaking examinations. Some teaching activities and their grading criteria, which do not focus on form but focus on interactional fluency, will be shown. Following that, the importance that learners should be given certain learning tips and be explicitly trained to manipulate the interactional strategies will be broadly discussed.

Yosuke OGAWA